Tallinn launches joint campaign for more considerate nightlife

  • 2022-07-19
  • BNS/TBT Staff

TALLINN – The City of Tallinn has commenced a joint campaign with the police and entertainment establishments to promote a more considerate nightlife.

"The night may be good time for both the people who want to sleep at home and those who have gone out to seek entertainment. Everyone can contribute to a safe and friendly society," said Natalie Mets, the adviser of the Tallinn city government for night life.

"The goal of this campaign is to remind people that streets with bars and entertainment venues may also have other people's homes. Concurrently we wish to encourage people to notice what is happening around them and to react and help if it might be necessary," the adviser said.

According to Lennart Kams, head of the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board West-Harju police station patrol service, the police has the most work during the late night hours because people in a party mood do not always consider the needs of other people.

"Good and safe nightlife cannot be guaranteed by the police alone. Rather, everyone has to consider that they are not alone in the city. By keeping one’s own behavior under control and noticing others in need of help, we all help create a safe environment for everybody. It is possible to be an excellent citizen by being considerate, noticing and helping others," Kams said.

Roman Demchenko, partner of the Sveta Bar in Kalamaja and founder of Damn.Loud concert promoter, noted that a vibrant but safe nightlife is important for the image of every contemporary city.

"A civilized nightlife will bring tourists to Tallinn, grants good entertainment for locals and provides employment for a lot of people from musicians to bar workers," Demchenko said. "At the same time, it is important that nightlife would cause as little harm and inconvenience as possible. I am confident that our campaign will raise the quality of nightlife in our city and will remind people of the code of conduct in our public spaces," he said.

The campaign will concentrate on two main messages. The first one emphasizes the necessity of adhering to the night-time hours of quiet near residential areas: "Shh – silence please!" The second message calls on people to help others in need: "If you notice, call for help!"

All willing entertainment establishments in Tallinn are welcome to join the campaign. Directions for joining the campaign and the materials of the campaign are available on the website of the city of Tallinn.