Tallink MyStar one year on the Tallinn-Helsinki route: 1.8 million passengers carried and over 4 times travelled around the globe

  • 2023-12-14

Tallink Grupp’s flagship, shuttle ferry MyStar today celebrates one year from the start of operation on the company’s Tallinn-Helsinki shuttle service route. In its first year, MyStar has made over 2100 departures, totalling approximately 93 000 nautical miles which is approximately  4,3 trips around the globe, and she has carried nearly 1.8 million passengers.

Commenting on the one-year anniversary of operations of Tallink’s MyStar on the company’s Tallinn-Helsinki route, Paavo Nõgene, Chairman of the Board of Tallink Grupp, said:

- „We are very pleased that MyStar has been so warmly received by our customers from near and far, since MyStar was built keeping our customers’ wishes and needs at the forefront of our minds.  These efforts have also been recognized internationally with MyStar receiving several awards and nominations, such as the prestigious Shippax Ro-Pax Interior Award 2023 for the best cruise ship interior design and a nomination among top three finalists for the Travel Retail FRONTIER Awards 2023 in the Cruise or Ferry Line Retailer of the Year category,"

- “MyStar has exceeded all our expectations for the brightest member of our fleet when we set to build the most modern vessel on the Baltic Sea with its novel passenger areas and the biggest floating department store on the Baltic Sea expanding across two decks on 2500 square metres for the delight of shoppers with many travel retail products which are exclusive to MyStar, both on shore and on board.”

- “Today we can say that MyStar has proved to be 30% more energy efficient compared to the previous generation of shuttle vessels, such as Star, for example. In addition to being more efficient, MyStar also uses cleaner energy than conventional marine fuel – liquified natural gas – and is already equipped also to run on biogas or a mixture of biogas and LNG. In addition, MyStar has electrical propulsion, which means it is, in essence, an electric ship, which allows a faster adoption of the future green shipping technologies that have not yet been developed or are still in the development stage, placing an even bigger emphasis on sustainability as the core of our operations.”

- “I wish MyStar many happy years of sailing on the Baltic Sea and many more satisfied customers on our most popular route. Welcome on board!”

Altogether, almost 1,708,700 passengers have traveled on the Tallinn-Helsinki route onboard MyStar (as of 6 December 2023), of which 833,540 were unique passengers. In July this year, almost a quarter of a million passengers traveled onboard MyStar (248,900 passengers).  

The largest number of passengers onboard MyStar came from Finland with over 825,500 passengers, second largest number from Estonia with over 544,500 passengers, third largest from Latvia with over 40,000 passengers. Other most represented countries include Ukraine with ca 29,000 passengers, USA with over 18,000 passengers and Germany with over 16,000 passengers. The most exotic country from which a passenger has come onboard MyStar is French Polynesia.

MyStar has transported nearly 4,700 pets. The total number of vehicles transported on board MyStar during the year exceeds 357,000 passenger vehicles and over 116,000 cargo units.

MyStar operates on the company’s Tallinn-Helsinki Shuttle service route in tandem with the environmentally friendly fast ferry Megastar. Today, MyStar and Megastar together form the greenest seaway between Estonia and Finland.

For more information on what is available onboard MyStar, visit: https://en.tallink.com/mystar