Suspicions against Danelius have to do with info on criminal intelligence officer – ruling - BNS SPECIAL

  • 2020-04-23
  • BNS/TBT Staff

VILNIUS – The suspicions brought against Lithuanian lawyer Giedrius Danelius have to do with his intention to use compromising information about Renatas Martisius, a criminal intelligence officer of the Special Investigation Service, according to a court ruling received by BNS.

Prosecutors claim the lawyer impermissibly threatened law enforcement officers. But the lawyer says he just performed his duty to report the SIS officer's unlawful actions.

Threatened to use information

The lawyer is alleged to have shown the compromising material to SIS investigator Vilija Kerbeliene and said that "the material will be used during the judicial hearing of the case", if the ongoing pre-trial investigation against his client businessman Antanas Petrosius was not dropped.

Moreover, Danelius is also alleged to have asked lawyer Valdas Rakauskas, who personally knows SIS chief Zydrunas Bartkus, to tell him about his position. The lawyer also hinted to the SIS chief that the compromising information might be leaked to the media.

Prosecutors viewed Danelius' actions as unlawful information collection and threatening a state official by using psychological violence.

Danelius told BNS he just performed his professional duty and wanted to report the SIS officer's improper actions.

"The prosecution service's statement says suspect Danelius (…) used psychological violence to put pressure on state officials – SIS director Bartkus and SIS chief specialist Kerbeliene – and obstructed (…) the performance of duties related to a criminal case investigation, thus unlawfully trying to help Petrosius to avoid criminal liability," the ruling of Vilnius City District Court states.

Issuing this ruling, the court rejected the prosecutor's request to have Danelius detained. The court ruled there's no evidence to base the prosecutor's position that Danelius, being free, could destroy evidence.


The full content of the compromising information was not disclosed in the court ruling and it only stated that the information involved had to do with "Martisius' official activity and personal life", and it contained information about Martisius' mobile phone messages.

Suspicions were earlier brought against Danelius' client Petrosius, alleging that he had sought to take control of and monopolize the collection of blood plasma in Lithuania and Latvia. The SIS launched an investigation into the National Blood Center's activity back in 2018 and the case has not reached court yet.

Danelius says his information showed that Martisius could have used collected evidence improperly and had impermissible contact with a judge.

"That is the SIS officer's alleged Viber messages with colleagues, which show that the officer dares to enter the judge's room before a hearing and have impact regarding the suspect's detention. And also he informs the Latvian businessman, who allegedly commissioned those criminal intelligence actions, about the ongoing criminal intelligence actions," Danelius told BNS after being freed on Thursday.

"The SIS officer and his other colleague discuss possible information of the Latvian businessman, an alleged KGB cadre agent behind that criminal intelligence investigation. That's the matter," he said.