Summus Capital Consolidated Sales Revenue of 2nd Quarter 2022 Increased to 9.7m EUR

  • 2022-08-18

According to the consolidated financial statement released by the Baltic real estate investment holding Summus Capital, in the second quarter of 2022 the company’s balance sheet grew to 430m EUR

In the second quarter of 2022, Summus Capital balance sheet was 430m EUR compared to 404m EUR in the previous quarter. Total assets increased by 26.1m EUR, mainly due to acquisition of shopping centre Damme in Riga in the end of April. In the end of 2nd quarter loan and borrowings increased to 225m EUR (1q2022 206m EUR) that was mainly due to new bank loan for financing shopping centre Damme acquisition. Total liabilities increased to 248m EUR (8.6% increase from 31.03.2022).

Total owner's equity increased to 182m EUR, out of which 173m EUR was attributable to Summus Capital equity holders.

In the second quarter of 2022, sales revenue increased to 9.66m EUR (+13.7% Q/Q). The main reasons for the increase were adding new property, indexation of rental income and increase in forwarded utility expenses. Half year 2022 sales revenue reached 18.2m EUR (2021 total sales revenue was 29.3m EUR).

“The second quarter of 2022 has been a quarter of regular operational activity complemented with shopping centre Damme addition to our portfolio. On the background the negative influence of COVID restrictions has been passing away, while potential political and macroeconomic turbulences and their possible effect to Summus Group have to be – and will be - carefully followed and monitored,” said Hannes Pihl, member of Management Board of Summus Capital.

About Summus Capital  

Summus Capital OÜ ( is a real estate investment holding established in 2013 that holds 15 properties in all three Baltic countries. The Group has a well-diversified portfolio of cash-flow generating commercial real estate properties in retail, office, logistics and medical segments. Summus Capital has a long-term investment horizon and a strong tenant base with ca 400 tenants. Summus Capital started its operations and is headquartered in Estonia, where it holds Veerenni 1 and Veerenni 2 medical centers, de la Gardie and Auriga shopping centers, Punane 56 multifunctional business complex and three warehouse properties. In Latvia, Summus Capital holds Riga Plaza shopping center, DEPO DIY’s store property and Damme shopping center, in Lithuania – BOD Group High Technology Centre, Nordika shopping center and Park Town 1 and 2 office buildings.