State Security Service working together with Finnish law enforcement in case against Latvian national planning an attack in Helsinki

  • 2020-01-20
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - The State Security Service is working together with Finnish law enforcement in the case against a 22-year-old man from Latvia charged for planning an attack in Helsinki in 2018.

The State Security Service confirmed to LETA that it is informed of this case and is working together with Finnish partner services and providing them information.

Taking into account that Finnish courts have begun to prosecute the man, it will not comment on this matter in any more detail at the moment. 

As reported,  the Helsinki District Court began hearings in a case this week in which a 22 year-old man from Latvia is charged with planning to explode a homemade bomb on a crowded central Helsinki street during 2018 New Year's Eve celebrations.

The attack was intended to target "many foreigners and Muslims", the prosecutor in the case said.

According to the charges, the defendant carried out a test of an explosive device before being arrested in October 2018.

In addition, the charges say that the accused downloaded bomb making instructions from the internet and made plans to steal materials needed to produce a bomb from his workplace.

The defendant has denied committing a crime, but has admitted to making explosives and talked about setting off an explosion while intoxicated.

During a preliminary investigation, the accused stated that he wished that different cultures and religions did not coexist. He expressed the view that Europe should be for "European culture".

The accused was held by police during the initial investigation for a week before being released. The prosecution is now calling for a prison sentence for the defendant in the case.

During the court hearing, the accused used an interpreter. According to the national population registry, the defendant has no address in Finland.

News now Finland web portal reported that the man in question is from Latvia. Meanwhile, STT news agency informed that the man is a builder who arrived in Finland in 2017 and that he reportedly has the Nazi SS symbol tattooed on his arm.