Standing with Ukraine is the right decision that will lead to positive results - commander of NATO Joint Response Force

  • 2022-05-05
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - Standing with Ukraine is the right decision that will lead to positive results, Major General Jim Morris, commander of the Joint Response Force, told Latvian Television today.

He explained that the Joint Response Force is a security structure in Northern Europe that brings together ten like-minded nations under the leadership of the United Kingdom. The organization stems from NATO, being founded at the 2014 NATO Conference in Wales. The organization uses standard NATO procedures as countries come together to work on common challenges.

Morris acknowledged that everyone is watching the terrible events in Ukraine, and that the Joint Response Force is working on action plans, understanding how to best respond to the Russian threat. "This unprovoked aggression by Russia is completely unjustifiable, but there are brave men and women in Ukraine who are fighting extremely valiantly with everything at their disposal," Morris said.

According to him, it is currently difficult to judge Russia's tactics in Ukraine. Russia has shifted its forces from north to east Ukraine, changed its actions, while the West continues to support Ukraine.

"Standing with Ukraine is the right decision and I think it will lead to positive results," Morris said.

According to the Major General, the Latvian army is fully operational, and it is cooperating with other countries in training to improve its capabilities.

"The Latvian army is well trained, and it is made up of young and capable men and women who have an understanding of the region. I think the Latvian armed forces are an excellent organization, but all military structures can experience various improvements, and we are helping with that," Morris said.

The Major General emphasized that organizations such as the Joint Response Force fully support Latvia and its people. "We are here because the Latvian government has invited us and we are working closely together. Such an organization and NATO - everyone is together with Latvia and the region," Morris confirmed, adding that Latvia, as one of the members of this organization, has influence in everything which takes place in the Joint Response Force.