Signature drive under way to achieve that "correct" Covid-19 statistics be presented to the public

  • 2020-04-07
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - A signature drive is under way at the portal of public initiatives to achieve that "correct" Covid-19 statistics be presented to the public, calling the official data "exaggerated".

Arturs Ikvilds is the initiator of the signature drive. He believes that global Covid-19 statistics are overly dramatic and in reality these figures are "certainly very different."

"Latvia confirms the trend by its Covid-19 statistics - a person whose real cause of death is anything but Covid-19, but who tested positive, is counted as a victim of the virus and added to the global Covid-19 death toll," said Ilkvilds. He believes that this is not an objective approach and proposes different statistical criteria to exclude such cases from the statistics.

Ilkvilds proposes that experts and physicians agree on a new set of criteria for identifying Covid-19 victims, which would not include deaths that are not actually caused by Covid-19.

According to Ilkvilds, Latvia should not try to catch up with other countries in terms of dramatic statistics, but rather agree on own criteria, objective and transparent. He also believes that the public needs to know the real circumstances in order for the state of emergency and its extensions to be justified and not based on distorted data, which can do a lot of damage.