Should you switch to gifting experiences instead of material presents?

  • 2023-11-02

Are you as excited as we are about giving gifts? Most people are more thrilled to offer presents than to receive them, and if you’re one of them, you definitely plan ahead to ensure your loved ones get the best gifts these holidays. 

However, you might have no idea what to buy this year, considering that you covered everything in terms of material presents. There’s nothing your loved ones need you can think about, and you’re overwhelmed with the idea that this year you’ll fail to meet their expectations. But what if we told you that the secret to happiness is offering experiences instead of material gifts?

You might have yet to think about this, but offering experiences is better for numerous reasons. They allow the receiver to make unforgettable memories, give unparalleled happiness, break the routine, and don’t take up space in their houses. 

What does it mean to offer experiences as gifts?

An experience gift is a present that includes an activity the receiver gets to do alone or with someone else. This trend has gained popularity over the last few years when people were too afraid to receive material gifts because of the COVID-19 pandemic. They have started to understand that experiences make more memorable presents. 

Therefore, consider giving material possessions instead of physical items this holiday season and provide your loved ones with the opportunity to create lasting memories. Outdoor activities, cooking classes, spa tickets, and concert tickets are among the most common experiences people offer as gifts. 

Why should you consider switching to giving experiences as gifts?

Experiences create lasting memories

You don’t offer only an experience; you provide them with the unique opportunity to create an unforgettable moment in time they will look back to with a smile on their face. Often, material gifts lose their appeal shortly after the holidays or wear out in time, and the recipient has to decide if they keep it solely to occupy room in their house or throw it in the garbage. Experiences, on the other hand, are etched into their memory. 

People cherish their memories forever because experiences are usually imbued with personal and emotional significance. All these activities can create a lasting impact, from a trip to the mountains to a painting class where they improve their skills. 

Gifting experiences become stories to be shared on the holidays when you gather around the Christmas tree to exchange presents again. 

Experiences leave no clutter behind

Suppose you are eco-conscious individuals; you want to lower the waste you produce by offering gifts on holidays and special occasions. Switching to gifting memories helps the recipients to keep their houses clutter-free, which is of crucial importance for those who prefer a minimalist lifestyle. Additionally, this alternative aligns with your eco-conscious lifestyle, and you put no strain on the planet. Physical gifts often imply manufacturing, packaging, and transportation, which can increase pollution, reduce resources, and generate waste. 

Experiences usually have a lower environmental footprint because they require the use of fewer resources and generate less waste. 

You can personalize the gift

The amazing thing about experiences as gifts is that they allow you to create a meaningful and deep connection with the recipient. When you offer them the opportunity to make some unforgettable memories, you showcase your consideration and thoughtfulness because you took the time to pay attention to their preferences and interests. 

For example, your children might have always wanted to visit Disneyland, so you should book the trip and print the entry tickets to place them under the Christmas Tree. Suppose they’re fans of superheroes; you can also gift them a Funko Spiderman as it’s a small item that takes little space on their bookshelf. When seeing it, they’ll always remember that they received it the same year they got to visit Disneyland.            

The level of personalization shows your loved ones that you value their interests and could strengthen your relationship. 

Experiences usually come with quality time

The main difference between experiences and material gifts is that the first category holds the power to encourage the recipient to spend time together with their loved ones which can foster a deeper connection between them and strengthen their relationships. The majority of experiences involve activities they can share with someone they love. When you offer experiences as presents, make sure to allow them to take their partner or someone else with them. Attending a painting class, going to a concert, or leaving the town for the weekend are more enjoyable when someone they love accompanies them. 

Experiences are ideal opportunities to create lasting memories, communicate, and bond. Furthermore, they can help people know each other better and discover common hobbies. 

Experiences boost well-being

As mentioned earlier, when you choose to give an experience, you often customize it to fit the recipient’s preferences. For example, you book them a weekend at a yoga retreat or a day at the spa because you know they have been stressed out due to their work lately. Or you enroll them in classes because they want to improve some skills but didn’t find the time or resources to do it themselves. 

An amazing thing about gifting experiences is that they have the potential to promote wellbeing and boost the recipient’s health. Depending on their specificity, they can encourage the recipient to improve their physical and mental health, invest in themselves, enhance their education, or reduce their stress. 

Experiences are inspiring

You might decide to offer a new experience to one of your loved ones who felt stuck for a while and now are looking for ways to widen their horizons. You can pick an adventure that inspires them to change their life and start doing something new. 

Maybe one of your loved ones always wanted to do scuba diving but never took the first step to booking a trip that would provide them with this opportunity. You can gift them the opportunity to do something they’ve always dreamt of but might have never done if you didn’t step in. 

Experiences are priceless and can make memorable gifts. This is your chance to impress everyone!