SEB banks in Baltic countries will hire more than 100 new employees this year

  • 2023-03-09

SEB banks in Baltic countries have started a recruitment programme to hire more than 100 new employees in the Baltics this year to completely new product development and IT positions. The aim is to offer customers new set of services and service upgrades already this year.

“The demand for more product development and IT personnel is driven by the fact that an increasing number of SEB's customers prefer digital solutions, including remote advice services. We continue to see increasing demand from our customers for digital solutions. It is now common for individuals and businesses to conduct everyday transactions via online banking or a mobile app. Customers’ expectations are growing, as is our desire to offer more convenient and digital solutions and automated processes. However, providing these services requires IT specialists, programmers, business developers, analysts, software developers, testers, UX designers and other experts. To accelerate developments, we plan to hire more than 100 product development and IT specialists at SEB bank. Many of the vacancies are not linked to a specific location, so we are hoping to recruit specialists from all over Latvia," explained Inga Ruduša, Head of Product Development at SEB Baltic.

IT professionals value flexible working conditions most

SEB's goal is to develop new products, which is why the bank is most keen to recruit software developers and product managers. A survey conducted last year in the Baltics showed that flexible working conditions are the most important aspect for IT employees, followed by a competitive basic salary. At the same time, there is a widespread perception among them that banking work arrangements are not flexible. 

“In recent years, much has been done to facilitate product development and accelerate digital development at SEB banks in Baltic countries with the aim of strengthening the agile way of working, enabling a fast and flexible response to customer needs, ensure close cooperation between business and IT development. Yet SEB is one of the largest employers in the Baltics in the product development and technology sectors, providing jobs for more than 1,400 people at SEB banks in Baltic countries. In recruitment, we also place a strong emphasis on offering flexible working hours and job opportunities, including hybrid work," said Ilze Ogle, Head of HR at SEB Latvia. 

Bank must be a competence center on sustainability issues 

At the same time, the growing demand for new and better solutions is just one of the reasons why large-scale recruitment is taking place. In addition to digitalization and automation, SEB plans to invest more in sustainability and customer experience to keep pace with changing customer needs, behavior, and expectations. Also sustainability topic cannot be overlooked or avoided in the future. 

"Bank must be a competence center on sustainability issues, guiding both private and corporate customers towards more sustainable activities and lifestyles. Encouraging customers to adopt environmentally friendly financial and investment decisions is increasingly important. In this context, SEB is also constantly developing new products and services, which means that we also need more specialists in this field," said Ruduša.