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Stories that made the headlines in 2013

Before we greet the New Year, let’s take a moment and have one last look back. It’

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Restrictive land bill continues path to approval

RIGA - Foreign investors into Latvia’s agricultural sector feel they are the target of a

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Saeima fiddles while Latvia burns

RIGA - Much has been in the news media recently about the economic recovery that Latvia has ma

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Rasmussen: Time for action

VILNIUS - An informal meeting of Europe’s ministers for foreign affairs - Gymnich - took

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Responsibility needed from China, India

The Baltics were in safe hands, at least for two days in early September as dignitaries and de

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A much encouraged Russian and Belarusian invasion into Lithuania

KLAIPEDA - If you saw them strolling down the street, you’d certainly cast a glance at t

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Room for Russia?

RIGA - Though the total length of all Russia’s land borders is a total of 20,241 km, its

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Baltic sea region promoted as new model

The Baltic Development Forum Summit meets every year, bringing representatives from all the na

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Overlooking oversight: Lithuania’s EU Presidency is high in No-Bid contracts

VILNIUS - A month into the presidency of the Council of the European Union, Lithuania is awash

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Real work starts now for Latvia’s OECD goal

RIGA - Latvia took a big step towards joining the ‘rich countries’ club’ whe

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