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Debt crisis

TALLINN -- The Estonian Central Bank has said that the European debt crisis poses a "incr

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Parex whistleblower video released

RIGA -- A new video has been released about Parex whistle-blower John Christmas, outlining the

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Lithuania not to reopen CIA prison investigation

VILNIUS -- Lithuania has said it will not re-open it's investigation into an alleged illeg

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Light seen at end of library project tunnel

RIGA - The idea for a new national library for Latvia started already 20 years ago and, as it

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Korea’s rapid economic rise and lessons for developing economies

A retrospective on President Park’s periodAs mentioned in t

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The cure for political apathy

October 2011 will be remembered as a period of world-wide protests. The so-called Occupy Wall

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Promoting Latvia’s competitive advantage

In late 2008 Latvia found itself at the center of the global financial stage, as the collapse

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A more or less new beginning

At 12:45 p.m. on Tuesday, after several hours of debate, Latvia’s Parliament, the Saeima

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Baltics doing the right thing

RIGA - By now it has become obvious that the Baltic countries have been doing the right thing

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Swedbank gives Latvia high marks

RIGA - Over the past two years, the Latvian economy has become better balanced and more flexib

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