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Company briefs - 2011-12-22

The World Trade Organization wrapped up its ministerial meeting without deciding how to revive

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Partner search on again at airBaltic

National airline airBaltic’s share capital will be increased by 57.6 million lats (82.2

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Prosecutor extends Snoras asset grab

VILNIUS - The General Prosecutor’s Office of Lithuania has been seizing the property of

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Silk Road meets NATO

RIGA - It is planned that Riga will host a conference on the ‘New Silk Road’ initi

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State looks at resuscitating Krajbanka

RIGA - More than 300 million lats (428.5 million euros) could be necessary to renew Latvijas K

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Rail Baltica study flawed

TALLINN - Estonian state-owned railway company Eesti Raudtee manager Kaido Simmermann says tha

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Lithuania poised to curb strong beer market

KLAIPEDA - Lithuanian legislators eased the regulations for alcohol advertising, but plan on b

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Ryanair unhappy with new fees

RIGA - Even with the increased security fees, Riga Airport remains the least expensive airport

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Companies save for tough times ahead

TALLINN - Director of the Estonian Institute of Economic Research Marje Josing stated that com

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Third pillar falters

TALLINN - The third pension pillar, or voluntary pension insurance, is losing popularity among

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