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Courts use funds illegitimately

VILNIUS - The National Audit Office (NAO) has found in a recent audit that some of the country's cou

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Suspected swine flu in Lithuania

VILNIUS - Lithuania's health authorities has sent what it suspects is the country's first case o

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Helping hand from the Baltics: Lithuania deepens support for Georgia

VILNIUS - Reeling from the political and socioeconomic fallout from the war with Russia last August,

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The Soviet Ghost

Lately in some TBT issues there was a mention of ever present Soviet era ghost. For people who grew

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The spirit of teamwork

With the press in the Baltics churning out page after page of economic doom and gloom, crisis and co

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Hello, Foreigner! Now Get the Hell Out!

One would think that at almost any time, but particularly during an economic crisis, a country would

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Turning political heads

Anna-Maria Galojan is the youngest female politician in Estonia. Galojan sat down with The Baltic Ti

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Estimated 18 percent drop in GDP

RIGA - Experts from across the financial and economic sectors have weighed in and agree that the Lat

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Agriculture prices plummet

VILNIUS - The agricultural sector in Lithuania, one of the country's largest industries, has seen pu

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Keeping the high-end business going strong

Vilniaus Vartai, the shopping complex for the ultra rich, has a large range of places to eat, drink

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