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Baltics to cash in on reality-based TV craze

Castaways play the survival game on deserted Estonian islandAs the cultural phenomenon of voyeuri

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Of Drugs and Bureaucrats

It seems officials and politicians in the Baltic states are finally facing up to the hard news on ha

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Toward a division of powers

WASHINGTON - Russia can become a genuinely federal state only if Moscow and the regions agree to

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Baltic Index shoots up due to SEB's offer

Baltic Index shot up Monday (August 28) due to cash offer the Swedish bank SEB made to shareholders

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Baltic bourses: trend changed?

Last week finally saw the trends on the Baltic stock exchanges take the turnabout everybody had been

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Extra money for vacations

TALLINN - For the first time in Estonian history the average wage has exceeded 5,000 kroons ($ 287).

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Headache over Yachting Center

TALLINN (BNS) - Conditions of privatization of the Olympic yachting center Tallinna Olumpia-purjes-p

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Lithuania plans to join WTO in October

VILNIUS - Lithuania is not a member of the World Trade Organization while Estonia and Latvia have al

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Seeking immediate gratification over Lattelekom

Along with creating the working group to handle the arbitration case filed by Tilts Communications,

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Eesti Telefon changes tariffs

TALLINN - Starting Oct. 1, the Estonian fixed-line monopoly Eesti Telefon will raise the price o

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