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Y2K: More serious than you think

After completing an exhaustive global study of individual countries' preparations for the year 2000

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Politics has never been pretty, and perhaps it's hopelessly idealistic to imagine it was once an exc

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The end of easy times in Saaremaa

Leaving her watch and the mainland behind, Rebecca Santana decided to find out how the Estonian isla

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Grand Duke Antanas

Anthony Bowie left the NBA to play for the Kaunas Zalgiris basketball club last year. The 197-centim

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Scaling the walls of their prison

Andrejs Vaza steps into the back of his sports equipment shop to announce the bad news: There is sti

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Hash harriers return to Riga

Dope was not involved, although by the look of the leaflets and the description of the event, this w

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Yee-haw, it's AgroBalt!

Thousands of Lithuanians came out to Vilnius' largest trade fair earlier this month. Little did they

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Comparison between Baltic bourses easier to do

With the introduction of the LITIN-10 price index on the Lithuanian National Securities Exchange, it

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Swedish ties that bind

VILNIUS - From time to time, American funnyman David Letterman treats his nationwide late night tele

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Bank merger put off

RIGA (BNS) - Saules Banka will continue as an independent bank, Estonia's Uhispank and Latvia's Unib

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