Saeima will ask Denmark's authorities not to extradite Latvian citizen charged with child abduction to South Africa

  • 2020-01-16
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - The Saeima today decided to ask the Danish authorities not to extradite Kristine Misane, a Latvian citizen accused of abducting her own child, to South Africa.

The decision was made with 92 votes.

The Saeima will ask the Danish parliament and law enforcement authorities to provide support to Latvia's institutions and find solutions how to prevent extradition of Misane to South Africa. 

Misane at resent is imprisoned in Denmark and Danish officials have decided to extradite her for criminal prosecution in South Africa.

MP Anda Caksa reminded that Denmark has decided to extradite Misane to a country with human rights violations. "She was fighting for her children and their safety when facing violence. She has been humiliated and assaulted, but it is Kristine who is imprisoned , not the aggressor," the politician said, adding that Misane is a Latvian citizens, and Latvia has not been able to protect her.

As reported, the Justice Ministry will continue to actively cooperate with the authorities of the Republic of South Africa to ensure Misane's return to Latvia, LETA learned at the ministry. 

Misane's representatives told LETA that the woman had met a citizen of the South Africa in 2011 and they had a daughter four years later. However, conflicts began between the two parents, which were initially financially motivated. The man then unilaterally decided to end the relationship and began to abuse both Misane and the two minors in the family.

As the conflict escalated, the man agreed to entrust the raising of his daughter to Misane's relatives in Latvia, demanding that EUR 500,000 be paid into his bank account so he could travel to Latvia to meet his daughter. Misane's family also claims that the girl's father continues to threaten the family and extort money from them, and has hired a third party to kidnap the child.

In May 2018, Misane was assaulted and raped, and the assailants threatened to do the same to her child, which is why she returned to Latvia that same month.

In December 2018, Misane went on a business trip through Copenhagen to Mozambique but was detained in Denmark because she was on the Interpol wanted list. South Africa had informed Interpol that Misane was wanted for kidnapping, violation of a court order banning her from taking the child out of the country, fraud and forgery of documents.

The Justice Ministry's spokeswoman Alise Darzniece told LETA that discussions had been held with the Prosecutor General's Office about its involvement to achieve that Misane be prosecuted in Latvia, but the decision would be made by the Prosecutor's Office.

According to the law, the Justice Ministry can only intervene after a court in South Africa convicts Misane, said Darzniece. In that case, the ministry is prepared to request transfer of Misane to Latvia for serving her sentence here. The Justice Ministry has met with Misane's representatives, representatives from the Foreign Ministry, State Police, Citizenship and Migration Affairs Office and the Prosecutor General's Office to find a solution.

Even though Danish authorities have already decided to extradite Misane to South Africa, the Justice Ministry continues talks with the Danish Justice Ministry and authorities to achieve that Misane's extradition be put on hold until more information is received from South Africa about the case, which could serve as the basis for Latvian authorities to take over the prosecution of Misane.

The Prosecutor General Office's representative Laura Majevska told LETA that the Prosecutor General's Office had been involved in tackling the case since the beginning of 2019. The Prosecutor General's Office has also asked Danish authorities not to extradite Misane to South Africa.