RMK advises to avoid crowded nature trails

  • 2020-03-18
  • BNS/TBT Staff

TALLINN – The Estonian state forest management company RMK has asked residents to be careful when moving around in the nature, avoid crowded nature trails and keep a distance from other people spending time outdoors.  

"State forest nature trails have turned out to be very popular with the people moving around in nature in recent days," Marge Rammo, departmental head at RMK, said. "For sure moving around in nature is a very good way of preserving one's health and strengthening the immune system in the open air. It is, however, worthwhile remembering that when moving around on the trails, one should keep a distance from other people and observe the direction signs so as to reduce the number of people moving in the opposite direction on the trail," she said.

RMK has hundreds of visitor sites across Estonia, and hence there's enough room in the state forest for everyone provided that visiting is dispersed, Rammo said.

"To prevent the gathering of big crowds of people in specific areas and associated danger of infection, people should avoid extremely popular sites such as Viru Bog and Keila-Joa Park, and explore the less known trails," Rammo said, adding that reducing the visitor load at the most popular sites was also necessary to avoid overburdening the local environment. 

"When there are more than 10 cars in the parking lot of the nature trail, it's worthwhile to drive on and find the next, less visited site with the 'RMK Loodusega koos' app or on the web page. Even though visitor centers of RMK are closed for customers, our information officials can be asked for recommendations for rest time in the forest by sending an e-mail to  loodusegakoos@rmk.ee ," Rammo added.