Riga schools must vaccinate 80% of their staff by mid-September to receive additional financial support

  • 2021-07-28
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - Schools in Riga have until September 15 to vaccinate at least 80 percent of their staff against Covid-19 to receive additional financial support earmarked by the local government. 

Asked if the schools qualifying for the additional support money are already known, Indra Vilde, a representative of the city council's education, culture and sports department, told LETA that schools were informed about the opportunity to receive additional money in the second half of July and that they have yet to submit their applications. 

The capital city's schools are currently assessing their situation with vaccination, Vilde said. To receive the support at least 80 of the school's employees must have valid certificates to prove that they have either had the virus or have been immunized against it. The schools must achieve the 80 percent immunization target by September 15, representatives of Riga City Council said. 

Those schools that will have met the target by the September 15 deadline will receive EUR 10,000 if they have 200 or more employees, EUR 7,000 if they have between 100 and 200 employees and EUR 5,000 if they have up to 100 employees, said Vilde. 

Several education institutions have already achieved or even exceeded the vaccination target, but the education, culture and sports department would not name them before they have submitted their official data. 

As reported, the Financial and Administrative Affairs Committee of Riga City Council on Friday approved a EUR 1,725,000 allocation, which will be used to motivate teachers in the capital city's schools to get vaccinated against Covid-19.

The financial support will be provided to Riga's municipal comprehensive schools on the condition that at least 80 percent of their staff are vaccinated against the coronavirus.

Schools will be able to spend the financial support as they deem necessary - on technical equipment, renovation or bonuses to teachers.