Rebenoks withdraws his nomination for Latvenergo supervisory board

  • 2020-02-11
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - Economics Minister Ralfs Nemiro's (KPV LV) adviser Pavels Rebenoks has withdrawn his nomination for Latvenergo energy company's supervisory board.

Rebenoks told LETA that he agreed to take part in the competition for the vacant seats on the Latvenergo supervisory board because this was an open tender free from political interference, but after Prime Minister Krisjanis Karins' (New Unity) announcement that Rebenoks will not be appointed to the energy company's board, the tender became politicized.

Rebenoks also claimed that the statements made by the Economics Ministry's former state secretary Eriks Eglitis discredited the competition.

"The Economics Ministry had ensured an open competition, but Eglitis' recent public statements have discredited the tender, so in my opinion, the tender should be cancelled. The professional tender has turned into a political tender," Rebenoks said, adding that the current competition cannot produce a good supervisory board.

Rebenoks also claimed that the other candidates who won seats on the Latvenergo supervisory board were linked to New Unity and people responsible for the mandatory procurement component (MPC) system. "Naturally, these people could not allow a professional being appointed to the Latvenergo supervisory board, so a defamation campaign was started against me," Rebenoks said.

As reported, Nemiro has suspended the ministry's state secretary Eglitis who objected to Nemiro's decision to appoint his adviser Pavels Rebenoks to the supervisory board of Latvenergo. In response to that, Eglitis tendered resignation.

On Tuesday, February 10, Karins said that Rebenoks would not be nominated for the Latvenergo supervisory board. "I can reassure you that Rebenoks will not be nominated for the Latvenergo supervisory board, he will not have this position," the prime minister said.

The tender for the Latvenergo supervisory board has concluded and the five winning candidates have been selected. Rebenoks is among them. The winners of the competition have not been publicly named as they all need to receive security clearances for access to state secrets.

Latvian Television reported earlier that Rebenoks was unlikely to receive the security clearance.

As reported, Nemiro sacked the Latvenergo's previous supervisory board and replaced it with an interim board, which included Rebenoks, the minister’s office head Inese Kublicka, the Association of Wind Energy Companies board member Kristaps Stepanovs, Rigensis Bank board member Renars Degro and Arturs Snorins.

After some coalition partners criticized the way the interim board was selected and appointed, the energy company's interim board resigned on July 1, claiming political pressure.

The tender to select permanent members of the Latvenergo supervisory board was announced on August 9.

Latvenergo is a state-owned company and the shareholder is the Economics Ministry. The shareholder’s interests are represented by Economics Ministry’s state secretary.