Rebenoks had been beaten by three men, expensive watches and jewelry taken

  • 2020-09-21
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - Three masked men broke into the house of high-profile lawyer Pavels Rebenoks, and beat their victims, using fists and feet and boards found in the yard, said State Police criminal investigation board chief Armads Riks in a press briefing today.

The criminals took expensive watches and jewelry from the house.

Ruks said that the burglars surprised the victims by breaking into the house from the yard. There was no video surveillance in the house, and the alarm was off.

According to testimonies, the attackers were three men dressed all in black, wearing masks. They beat up the two men in the house with fists, feet and board found in the yard. One of the victims - Rebenoks - died from the injuries.

The attackers took away a collection of expensive watchers and jewelry, including rings and cufflinks, said Ruks.

As reported, lawyer Rebenoks was killed in his house in Langstini on Sunday night, and his partner, veterinarian Ingus Balandins was injured.

Criminal Proceedings have been initiated under Section 117 of the Criminal Law - for murder, if it is related to robbery. However, there is also a version that the murder could be related to Rebenoks' professional activities.