Racism not a very central problem in Latvia - Levits

  • 2020-07-07
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - Racism is “not a very central problem” in Latvia, although there are some members of the public with differing views, President Egils Levits said today in an interview with the 900 Seconds news program of TV3 channel.

In his words, the problem of racism exists virtually everywhere, but in Latvia its manifestations are less severe than in countries with a history of colonialism and slavery. In Latvia, intolerance towards other races or ethnic backgrounds is mostly expressed marginally, for instance, in comments on web portals, Levits said. 

"If we read comments on the Delfi [web portal], we can find such opinions quite easily. I believe of course that this is a manifestation of obscurantism, which is omnipresent. But I must say that the vast sensible majority do not have such [racist] views," the president said. 

Levits concluded therefore that racism is not a "very central problem in Latvia", but it would be necessary to educate society and teach in schools that racism is unacceptable.