Price of 95-octane gas in Latvia rises above EUR 2 per liter

  • 2022-06-01

RIGA - The price of 95-octane gasoline in Latvia has exceeded EUR 2 per liter, according to information released by fuel retailers.

Information on the website of Circle K Latvia fuel retail suggests that on Tuesday, May 31, the lowest price of 95-octane gas at the company's filling stations in Riga was EUR 2.004 per liter, while 98-octane gasoline cost EUR 2.044 per liter and diesel EUR 1.894 per liter.

The lowest price of 95-octane gas at the filling stations of Virsi-A fuel retail is also EUR 2.004 per liter and 98-octane gasoline is selling for EUR 2.044 per liter, whereas a liter of diesel fuel costs EUR 1.904.

According  to information released by Neste Latvija, the price of 95-octane gasoline at its filling stations has reached EUR 1.997 and the price of 98-octane gasoline is EUR 2.037. Diesel fuel is sold at the Neste filling stations for EUR 1.897 per liter. 

Viada Baltija is selling 95-octane gasoline for EUR 2.002 per liter, 98-octane gasoline for EUR 2.012 per liter and diesel for EUR 1.874 per liter. 

On Tuesday, Brent crude rose 1 percent on the London exchange to USD 122.84 per barrel.