President believes that government can be formed with broadest possible support of parliament majority

  • 2023-08-31
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - President of Latvia Edgars Rinkevics believes that it is possible to form Latvia's next government with the broadest possible support of a parliament majority.

As the president's advisor Martins Dregeris told LETA, Rinkevics met with representatives of the United List at Riga Castle on Wednesday to discuss the government formation process/

The meeting was held at the United List's initiative. The United List presented to the president their position of the government formation process.

During the meeting, the president once again brought attention to the fact that only one candidate for the post of prime minister, designated by the president, can form a government, as stipulated by the Constitution. This is a task that is currently entrusted to the prime minister-designate Evika Silina of New Unity.

Rinkevics pointed out that his position had not changed since August 21 and 22 when he met with all the political forces represented in the Saeima. At that time, the political parties discussed and clarified their views on the preferable coalition model and the possible candidates for prime minister. They also outlined their vision on the government's long-term and immediate tasks.

"Delaying the formation of the government is unacceptable, therefore I urge all political forces in the Saeima, including the United List, to agree on the most urgent work to be carried out," the president said.

Rinkevics expects the five political groups involved in the government forming talks - New Unity, United List, Union of Greens and Farmers, Progressives and the National Alliance to take a constructive approach to the formation of the new government.

As reported, prime minister-designate Evika Silina (New Unity) is still waiting for the final decision of the United List on the proposal to work in a four-party coalition with the New Unity, the Union of Greens and Farmers Union and the Progressives.

After the meeting with the president, United List representative Edvard Smiltens told journalists that it would be in the interests of national security to form a coalition in which the United List, New Unity and the National Alliance would be working together.