Power supplies in Lithuania won’t stop, system is stable – operator

  • 2022-02-17
  • BNS/TBT Staff

VILNIUS – As the central Bank of Lithuania warns the country's banks to get ready for possible power cuts and cyber attacks, Lithuania's power transmission system operator Litgrid says power supplies in the country won’t stop as the country's power system is ready for stable operation. Moreover, it's in the process of connecting to the networks of continental Europe.

"We have drawn up scenarios of operating under extreme situations, for example, if suddenly all power lines with Russia and Belarus are cut off. (…) The Baltic system is stable, sufficient, we have sufficient generation, the networks' quality level is high and we also have some surplus things, including the cables with Sweden, the line with Poland, and Estonia has three cables with Finland," Rokas Masiulis, CEO at Litgrid, told BNS.

"We have modeled a number of scenarios, ranging from the least to the most risky, and we see the system's adequacy and power supplies in all cases," he added.

Speaking with BNS in early February, Energy Minister Dainius Kreivys said a special plan had been drawn up to ensure energy security amid rising tensions between Russia and the West and fears that Russia might cut gas supplies to Europe, including Lithuania.

Earlier in the day, the central Bank of Lithuania warned told the country's banks to prepare for possible power cuts and cyber attacks amid worries that Russia's standoff with Ukraine may escalate into a military conflict, Reuters reports.

"Losing electricity and Internet access are among 'extreme but possible' scenarios that Lithuania's central bank told finance companies to be ready for in a letter sent to them last week and seen by Reuters," according to the news agency. 

"Increased geopolitical tension in the region leads to increased threats of cyber-attacks, including attacks on critical information infrastructure," the Bank of Lithuania reportedly warned in the letter.