Polish PM in Vilnius urged fellow nationals to get vaccinated against COVID-19

  • 2021-05-03
  • BNS/TBT Staff

VILNIUS – Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki urged Lithuanian residents of Polish descent to get vaccinated against COVID-19 during his visit to Vilnius on Sunday, stressing that the future of the country's economy and its growth will depend on the success of the fight against this disease.

"Speaking here, in Vilnius, I would like to very warmly invite Polish residents and Poles living in Lithuania to get vaccinated as soon as possible when you have that possibility. It will allow getting back to normal life sooner," the Polish prime minister said.

He said he heard that some Lithuanian citizens of Polish descent had doubts over the vaccine efficacy and therefore refused to get the COVID-19 jab.

Official statistics show some 15-18 percent of the populations of Vilnius and Salcininkai Districts with large Polish communities have been vaccinated so far.

"(…) and that's very important since vaccines are our main instrument in dealing with the pandemic," the Polish prime minister said.

Lithuanian Prime Minister Ingrida Simonyte also stressed the need to get vaccinated, saying that it's important for those willing to travel to neighboring countries. She also said she agreed with her Polish counterpart to coordinate their governments' actions on dealing with the pandemic.

On Sunday, Morawiecki paid a visit to Vilnius and met with Simonyte as Lithuania and Poland mark the 230th anniversary of the Constitution of 3 May and Mutual Pledge of the Commonwealth of the Two Nations on Monday.

It was his first visit to Lithuania since the start of Simonyte's term and also the first visit this year as the Lithuanian and Polish prime minister held a phone conversation in December.

Signed on May 3, 1791, the Constitution of 3 May is the first written constitution in Europe and the second written constitution in the world, importantly, declaring respect for human rights.

In Poland, the 3rd of May is a public holiday.