Polish company to create 3D model of Vilnius

  • 2019-03-25
  • BNS/TBT Staff

VILNIUS – A 3D model of Vilnius will be created to facilitate the city's expansion and the implementation of new projects after the Vilnius authorities signed a contract, worth 117,000 euros, with Polish company MGGP Aero to produce such a model.

Povilas Poderskis, head of administration at the Vilnius Municipality, says the 3D model will be used for planning and designing, and people will be able to see online not only the city's existing image but also pre-project proposals.

"We will use it for the city's planning, designing, creating the city's panoramas, and to evaluate how things look and how new buildings might look in that panorama," Poderskis told BNS Lithuania.

Under the contract, GP Aero will provide services until May, 2022, and Vilnius hopes to have the 3D model by the upcoming summer.

In the future, the system will be improved, Poderskis said.