PM urges residents to get booster shot and observe gathering restrictions

  • 2021-12-29
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - Prime Minister Krisjanis Karins (New Unity) urges anyone whose time it is to receive the booster vaccine dose against Covid-19 to do so, as well as those who have not yet started vaccination for various reasons, to do so immediately and do this at a more convenient location, including large vaccination centers, which have been reopened, the Prime Minister's press secretary Sandris Sabajevs informed LETA.

The Prime Minister also urges the population to strictly observe the restrictions on gathering in anticipation of the New Year.

The Prime Minister reminds that the information currently available on the new omicron strain of Covid-19 virus suggests that it is several times more contagious than the most delta strain. Strengthening primary vaccination and expanding booster vaccination is essential to prevent the spread of omicron. Vaccination increases the body's resistance to the omicron strain and is the best protection against severe symptoms of the virus, the head of government said.

"I urge everyone to go and get the booster vaccine in the most convenient location. Invite your loved ones, friends and co-workers to do the same! The government has provided sufficient stocks of vaccines so that every inhabitant of Latvia can receive both primary and booster vaccination," says Karins.

The Prime Minister emphasizes the importance of complying with existing epidemiological safety measures and restrictions on assembly in order to prevent a new outbreak. "In anticipation of the New Year, lets avoid avoid gatherings, celebrate with the family, perform a quick Covid-19 antigen test for safety before meeting relatives, and use face masks public places. In such a way, we will greet the new year healthy and ready implement our plans for the next year," the Prime Minister emphasized.