PM-designate Silina invites Greens/Farmers, Progressives and United List to government formation talks; United List shuns invitation

  • 2023-08-31
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - Prime minister-designate Evika Silina of New Unity party has invited representatives of the Union of Greens and Farmers, United List and the Progressives to talks on a four-party government coalition. 

The formal talks are scheduled to start at 13:00, Silina's spokeswoman Ilze Cikule told LETA. 

The United List, however, has no plans to join today's government formation talks. MP Igors Rajevs (United List) said on Latvian Radio in the morning that the United List will likely go into opposition, as the party cannot be in a government "where our wishes are ignored". 

In Rajevs' words, it is necessary to form a government in which the political parties parties were mutually coherent and able to work together. The United List has proposed its own vision for Latvia's next government coalition, but "the government is being formed by Silina and it will be her decision" whether to accept the United List's proposals.

The United List's group in the Saeima will have another meeting today to decide again on the possibility of joining Silina's government, but it is highly likely that this time the United List will not be in the government coalition, Rajevs said. The lawmaker believes that the final decision would be made this week, as the formation of a government must not become too protracted.

Asked why the United List did not put forward its own candidate for prime minister, Rajevs said that the party's previous candidate for prime minister, Uldis Pilens, was not ready to run for the premiership under the current circumstances, but if Silina failed to form a government, the United List would nominate their candidate.