P.M. Butkevicius questions Russia's military action in Syria

  • 2015-10-01

On Thursday October 1, 2015, Lithuanian Prime Minister, Algirdas Butkevicius, criticised Russia's airstrikes in Syria.

Butkevicius said said the initial information provided by Russian President Putin brings doubt on Russia's statements that Islamic State was intended target.

According to Butkevicius, Russia 's airstrikes run counter to its recent calls to form an international anti-jihadist coalition.

Although Russia said it has targeted IS forces, the Lithuanian Prime Minister paid attention to the initial information that the extremist group was not the target of the airstrikes on September 30.

"Media reports […] make us doubt the sincerity of Russia's declared intentions," Butkevicius told the Ziniu Radijas news radio.

"We will continue supporting the international coalition in pursuit of resolving the conflict. 

“The international coalition against the Islamic State involves all NATO countries, including Lithuania," Butkevicius said.”

Western officials suspect Russia's airstrikes were aimed at supporting the Damascus regime being accused by the West of war crimes.