Outgoing year made us realize that Latvian state is our greatest value - president

  • 2023-01-02
  • LETA/TBT Staff

RIGA - The outgoing year made us clearly realize that the Latvian state, which we ourselves are building and which is protecting us, is our greatest value, President Egils Levits said in his New Year's address to the people. 

The president also stressed security and peace in our homes, the Latvian language and identity in which we exist as a nation as essential values. Latvia's unity in supporting and helping the Ukrainian people is a value as well, Levits said. 

"This strength we have to take with us into the coming year. The war in Ukraine, the global economic downturn and high energy prices - all this is not yet over. But we have one advantage. We know what we want. We want a modern, Latvian, united Latvia in the family of European nations," the president said. 

This goal unites and enables to stay the course even in stormy waters. This goal also helps distinguish between important and less important tasks and set a purposeful agenda for 2023, the president said. 

According to the president, the key priorities for 2023 include external and internal security, a transformation of the economy and effective support to people who need it most.