On mission to reduce waste in global supply chains by bringing freight online - MyDello

  • 2022-05-30
  • Linas Jegelevicius

Being a relatively new shipment company, MyDello can boast of a good start despite the looming adverse shadows of the coronavirus pandemic and geopolitical tensions, at the cusp of which is the war. “The market has welcomed us as well, and we have almost 2000 registered customers. We have achieved our goal to generate 2 million euros revenue within the first year,” Jenny Fagrell, Marketing & PR Manager at MyDello, told The Baltic Times Magazine. Having the MyDello portal launched in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania one year ago, the product carved out its niche in the market: “We receive a lot of positive feedback from our users. During the year we have learned a lot and are constantly developing to meet customers’ expectations,” says Jenny Fagrell.

You had to navigate through a major disruptive contingency, the COVID-19? How fast did you adapt to it? What was the silver lining for you during the pandemic? What plans had to be put on hold?

The pandemic hit before we went live. Like everyone in logistics, when the pandemic hit, we were not sure what to expect. As a result, MyDello was introduced when the freight forwarding market was still quite unstable, but we continued to stay focused on our initial goals. Interestingly, the instability of our business environment actually helped us to develop MyDello as a far more flexible solution, which in turn, now supports the customers with a simple and agile go-to logistics platform in any market state.

We have also received feedback from customers that instant quotes, 24/7 access – also via mobile - is helping our customers to work remotely and also divide the day in better way in case they need to take care of home, school, etc.

And now we have war in Ukraine. How challenging is it for MyDello? How and where are you rerouting your shipments?

The restrictions and challenges which we are facing are similar for all players in the field of logistics. For example, European air carriers are carrying our shipments around Russia rather than over it, and this brings additional cost and some delays. Also, some cargoes, which moved from Asia to the Baltics by rail, have shifted to ocean routes to avoid political and war related risks, as rail shipments pass through Russia and Belarus before reaching European Union. However, the pandemic definitely prepared our operations to be more flexible, and this has somewhat given us more experience in overcoming the challenges.

Speaking of the larger picture, what are the lessons that MyDello has learned from the crises like the aforementioned ones?

As a team, we have become much more adaptive to sudden major changes, and have learned how to find opportunities in hectic times.

How innovative is MyDello?

MyDello is both an innovative tool in the logistics services market and a leader in providing such services. We believe that we are fueling a revolutionary change in the logistics industry and that logistics soon will be fully automated.

Where do you believe MyDello holds an edge over its competitors?

The MyDello portal is easy to use and helps simplify the planning of our customers’ shipments. By using the portal, our customers can easily compare different transport options to find the most cost-effective solution. The portal is unique in that it offers all different transport modes (air, rail, ocean, road freight) instantly and from different sub-providers, which helps the customer save costs and to reduce their carbon footprint. Our customers can easily find out cargo shipping costs and the approximate delivery time to the required destination. We are reducing inefficiency and, therefore, cutting the cost for customers.

In other words, where are you much faster, more efficient and more reliable?

The platform allows users to further automate the planning processes that were done manually in the past by logistics specialists, such as long electronic correspondence, countless phone calls, and the signing of documents. MyDello speeds up the process and makes it more convenient for entrepreneurs because everything is located and managed in one place through our modern platform.

Here it should be definitely pointed out that we help to reduce overall logistics spending by at least 10 percent. With just a few clicks, the portal offers the best rates across all transport modes and hundreds of providers.

What goals are MyDello aiming at in the short-term and long-term?

MyDello is on a mission to connect all parties in the supply chain to make logistics an invisible background process. We believe logistics will be fully automated in the future. Our mission is to reduce waste in global supply chains by bringing freight online.

Who are the people in your team?

Our team has extensive international logistics experience, they also have an IT and international marketing background.

In addition, we are outsourcing needed skills from several external companies.