Office building in Tallinn transformed into a contactless mode

  • 2020-03-30
  • TBT Staff

Estonian tech company Ninja Solutions transformed an office building in Tallinn into a contactless mode. The doors and elevators are accessed via smartphone, and the building does not require physical security staff. Rented areas require biometric verification, accessed through a smartphone.

The office building is located at Laeva 2, between the vibrant Rotermann Quarter and Tallinn’s Old City harbour. It accommodates different businesses like a Bentley Showroom, Carlson Wagonlit Travel's Tallinn branch, a dental clinic, a private equity company, and a range of advertisement industry companies. Using the office building in a contactless way expects tenants to activate the new service.

Madis Laas, CIO of Ninja Solutions, said that the integration was planned for this spring, but COVID-19 pandemics boosted the change. "We can run the transition in 10 days almost remotely with our partners despite the border closures. It expects relevant hardware already integrated, and the customer to be highly cooperative. The circumstances merged well this time. There's no need to touch the door handles or buttons in elevators; all entrances can be controlled via smartphone," he said.

Fyodor Poljakov, a spokesman for the commercial building management company Direct Invest, told that as the offices can contribute to societal distance principles, he felt the immediate need. "We do not know how long this pandemic will last, but it is unlikely to end in weeks. There are hundreds of people working at our building, and although they primarily work from homes, there is a demand for frequent visits. Contactless use only expects activation from the tenants," he said.

Ninja Solutions implemented the unmanned security application in cooperation with a local security company USS Security. Restricted rooms require biometric verification, accessed through a smartphone. According to Raul Parusk, Chairman of the Management Board of USS Security Estonia, innovative solutions transform the work of the security industry. “The staffed guarding service is still essential for many industries, but for example, in office buildings and lodging facilities, a guarded or administrative service can be replaced by a convenient, affordable and reliable virtual service, and the personnel only interacts if the surveillance system notifies them,” he Parusk. 

No compromises are made in terms of security. "It's quite the opposite. The pandemics may put pressure on landlords to cut costs on security guards. But thanks to technology, our building is now secured remotely with video surveillance," told Parusk.

The contactless office building solution will be publicly unveiled today at 11 AM (GMT) through a webinar aired on Youtube The webinar includes the following speakers: Madis Laas (Ninja Solutions), Raul Parusk (USS), Sebastiaan Jager (R8 Technologies) and Alexander Wüllner (Hundt Consult). Jager and Wüllner stress the importance of proptech, which could help out in present times of change. The knowledge and different applications can be applied for sustainable development of real estate.

About Ninja Solutions

Ninja Solutions creates smartified buildings and delivers mobile-first real estate experiences that benefit the owners, tenants and visitors who interact with their building portfolio’s on a daily basis. Our cloud platform API's offer interconnectivity for a myriad of vendors that can offer tenants personal recognition, environmental comfort, wireless access solutions and seamless use of shared resources.

About Direct Invest

Direct Investments group is an experienced investment company focusing on specialized real asset investment strategies in the Baltic States.

About USS Security

USS Security Eesti AS is the largest security company based in Estonia founded in 2000. USS is part of the USS Group, which, in addition to providing security services, maintains and manages real estate, installs automation systems and develops smart home solutions. USS provides comprehensive security solutions ranging from simpler manned and technical security services to design, installation and maintenance of sophisticated security and video systems.

About R8 Technologies

R8 Technologies is a startup that optimizes the indoor climate systems in commercial real estate by using algorithms and AI on existing data sources. It decreases the energy consumption in commercial properties whilst keeping an outstanding indoor climate for every room and area. This way they’re able to achieve significant savings for both the building owners and managers and increasing tenant satisfaction.

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HUNDT Consult serves as elevator and escalator experts to the real estate industry. We consult real estate companies in Europe on new constructions, modernization and operation of elevators and escalators and co-create innovative solutions that set industry standards.