Nordecon starts the construction works of 2+1 bypass lanes on Pikknurme–Puurmani section

  • 2019-04-04
  • TBT Staff

ESTONIA - After the winter break, Nordecon started the construction works of 2+1 bypass lanes this week on kilometres 142.2-146.9 of national road 2 Tallinn–Tartu–Võru–Luhamaa, the Pikknurme–Puurmani section. The area under construction is a 4.7 km section of road and the construction works last from April to December 2019.

“The weather conditions are suitable for road construction and therefore we could start the works on Pikknurme–Puurmani section. The 2+1 bypass lanes built on this section increase the level of traffic safety on this section: they allow safer passings, reduce the time on road and hopefully reduce traffic stress,” said Ain Pähkel, Director of Road Construction of Nordecon.

“We kindly ask the road users to be especially attentive because the condition of the existing road pavement condition has substantially deteriorated during the past winter. During the construction works, 1+1 paved lanes are available for road users. Within the construction site, the speed limit of 50 km/h has been established. We ask for your kind understanding and increased attentiveness within the construction site,” said Laas Õun, a project manager of Nordecon AS.

The construction works of the Pikknurme–Puurmani section of national road 2 Tallinn–Tartu–Võru–Luhamaa are taking place on kilometres 142.2–146.9. During the construction works, bypass areas with 2+1 lanes are built as well as road sections with 1+1 lanes and a central barrier. A total of two alternate bypass sections are built, both with the length of 1.4 km, and between them a 0.7 km road section with 1+1 lanes that are separated with a barrier. During the construction works, a collision barrier is installed to separate the opposite lanes and to avoid frontal collision, intersections are rebuilt, doubling exits are eliminated, the pavement and traffic management tools are renewed, bus stops, noise barriers, walkways, access roads and maintenance roads, wild game fences, drainage facilities and ditches are established. The main designer of the road section is Skepast&Puhkim OÜ and the design has been adjusted by Reaalprojekt OÜ, owner supervision is performed by Sweco EST OÜ.

Information of the Estonian Road Administration: