Clicking to keep the community together

  • 2004-02-05
In a world where communities often stay in touch over the Internet, The Baltic Times has compiled the following links to help you stay in touch with what groups abroad are planning. Many of these sites serve as key facilitators in Baltic action abroad - both on political and cultural levels.

The Joint Baltic
American National Committee
"JBANC was founded in 1961 to support restoration of independence, human rights and democracy to the Baltic countries by uniting the efforts
of the Estonian Ame-
rican National Council [] the American Latvian Association [] and the Lithuanian American Council [].
Today, JBANC has adapted to the changing needs of the Baltic peoples and the Baltic communities in the United States. JBANC acts in a dual capacity as the liaison of the Baltic communities with Capitol Hill and the White House as well as the information agent to the parent organizations."

Estonian House NYC
"Founded in 1929, the Estonian Educational Society sponsors a variety of activities for Estonian-Americans in the New York area. Now known as Estonian House, or "Eesti Maja" in Estonian, the building houses a number of Estonian organizations."
Latvians Online
"Latvians Online is a global Internet meeting place for persons of all ages with an interest in Latvians and Latvia. Offered are free online services such as regular news reports, current affairs and interviews from Latvia and abroad. Also provided are a regular newsletter, discussion forums, online chatting, a global events register and other community building features. A compilation of Latvian Internet resources, product reviews and online shopping are popular features of the site."

The Lithuanian-
American Community
"The Lithuanian-American Community, Inc. is a nonprofit community-based organization providing educational, cultural, and social services to our membership in 63 local chapters in 27 states and the District of Columbia. Serving the interests of over 1 million Americans of Lithuanian heritage, LAC, Inc. is in the forefront of supporting the growth of democratic institutions and economic reform in Lithuania."

Baltic American Freedom League
"BAFL was founded in Los Angeles in 1981 by a group of Baltic American political activists as a national organization to support the Baltic peoples' struggle to regain their freedom and independence from Soviet occupation. BAFL initiated a broad-based program to inform the American government and people of human and civil rights violations, religious persecutions, cultural genocide and ethnic discrimination carried on by the Soviet government in the three Soviet occupied Baltic countries of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania."

The U.S.- Baltic Foundation
"USBF was established in 1990 to support democratic and free market reforms in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. USBF has conducted professional education and training programs in public administration, independent media and NGO development, including the $2.6 million USAID-funded Democracy Network Program. The foundation's programs established 11 permanent local institutions, including municipal training centers and journalist training and advocacy institutes, and continue to help train the next generation of democratic Baltic leaders."

American Latvian
Youth Association
"The American Latvian Youth Association was formed in 1951. ALYA gives young people of Latvian descent opportunities to meet, form friendships, learn about Latvian culture and politics, have fun and work together. While activities are primarily organized by and for youth of Latvian descent, anyone with an interest in our work and events is welcome to join and attend!"

The National Council for Eu-rasian and East European Research
"NCEEER was created in 1978 to develop and sustain long-term, high-quality programs of postdoctoral research about the social, political, economic and historical development of Russia, Eurasia, and Eastern Europe. Among national research organizations, NCEEER is the largest provider of resources to U.S. scholars for postdoctoral research in these fields. Its support for research on the region has produced direct benefits for U.S. policymakers, the academic community, nonprofit organizations and American business."

Association of Estonians in Great Britain
"The Association of Estonians in Great Britain acts as a central coordinating committee, trying to keep alive the culture and language of Estonia in Great Britain, both among the older generation who came here as refugees after World War II and more recent arrivals."