Prosecutor's office says Kehris violated Anti-Corruption Law

  • 2000-05-11
RIGA (LETA) - In response to now ex-Economy Minister Vladimirs Makarovs' petition, Latvia's prosecutor general's office conducted a probe into the possible violations of Latvian Privatization Agency council member Ojars Kehris, and established that Kehris, in the capacity of civil servant, has indeed violated the Anti-Corruption Law principles of compatibility of official posts and duties, and was receiving pay for work in positions that were not to be salaried, said the prosecutor's office spokeswoman, Dzintra Subrovska.

Kehris said on May 3 that the issue of violations of the Anti-Corruption Law pertains to at least one half of the LPA council members.

Kehris noted as well that he has received information from the State Revenue Service that he has not violated the Anti-Corruption Law.

"This only proves that the issue of running state-owned property has not yet been settled in Latvia," commented Kehris.

Kehris did not resign as council member at Baltijas Tranzitu banka, council member at Ventspils Oil and council of directors member at Riga's Centralais Terminals Ltd. when he became council member of the Latvian Privatization Agency thereby violating the law.

Besides, upon becoming LPA council member, Kehris, contrary to regulations that ban a civil servant from being representative at enterprises that provide him with income, continued his work as state proxy at Ventspils Oil, according to the prosecutor's office.

Therefore, Kehris was employed at private enterprises while assuming a civil servant position, which is against the law.

The State Revenue Service is in charge of reviewing such violations, therefore the prosecutor office's Edvins Ziedins called on the service's Anti-Corruption Control Department to launch proceedings and consider calling Kehris to account. The prosecutor's office turned over all respective documents to the State Revenue Service.

Meanwhile, the probe has not been concluded. The Prosecutor General's Office has turned to the State Revenue Service and the Registry of Enterprises, also requesting information on the posts at enterprises that other LPA and Latvenergo council members are in.