Milking the cows

  • 1998-12-10
RIGA (LETA) - A recent report by Latvia's Central Statistics Department shows that Lithuania is the Baltic leader in agricultural output.

Lithuania has produced the most milk of all the Baltic states. It's output amounted to 723,000 tons in the third quarter of this year.

The figures show that Latvian milk production had dropped by 24,200 tons during the second and third quarter of this year. Latvia produced 285,600 tons during the third quarter of 1998 compared to 309,800 in the same period last year.

Estonia produced even less milk than Latvia, only 207,400 liters in the third quarter.

Latvia, however, has increased production of eggs to 120.5 million during the ten months of this year, but it still lags behind the Baltic leader. Lithuania's output was 213 million eggs, and Estonia produced 85.9 million.

No major changes were noted in the fish catch this year. Fishermen have caught 76,900 tons of fish during the first nine months of the year compared to 69,900 tons last year.

Meat production is the only sector where Latvia falls behind both Lithuania and Estonia. Lithuania has produced 69,000 tons of meat during the third quarter of the year, Estonia - 24,200 and Latvia - 23,400 tons.