New Kremlin backed media outlet to open offices in Baltics

  • 2014-11-12
  • By Rayyan Sabet-Parry and wire reports, RIGA

(photo: twitter)

A new Kremlin backed Russian media outlet will open offices in the Baltics, Delfi reports.

The Sputnik news agency and radio broadcaster aims to counter Western Russophobic and provide an alternative view, Russia's RT news agency reports.

Russian journalist Dmitry Kisleyov, who heads the project, said the news outlet would open offices in the three Baltic capitals.

“We will provide alternative interpretations that are, undoubtedly, in demand around the world. We think that the world is tired of the unipolar point of view… We believe that the basis of such a multicolored and multipolar world is international law," Kisleyov said.

Sputnik, which comes under Rossiya Sivodnja and RIA Novosti, is to operate from 30 cities ranging from Washington, DC., to Beijing.

The announcement has been met with concern from Baltic officials who say the new channel which broadcasts in English and Russia would spread propaganda. 

"The concept of information war is clearly defined and we in the Baltic states are among its targets," said Lithuanian MP, chairman of the National Security and Defense Committee Artūras Paulauskas.

"Our youth no longer speaks Russian, their second language is English. It is clear who the targets of all these channels are. Russian-language channels are intended for the older generation and Russian-speakers."