Estonia defender returns to military barracks after England game

  • 2014-10-13
  • By Rayyan Sabet-Parry, RIGA

Estonia defender Artur Pikk, 21 (photo: twitter)

Despite being beaten 1-0 by England on Sunday night, there's another story making international headlines today.

Estonia defender Artur Pikk, 21 who played as left back during the Euro 2016 qualifier game in Tallinn, had to be back at his military base after the game, as he's serving compulsory military service. 

Pikk, who had only played five minutes of international football before facing England, played well against the likes of England's Wayne Rooney, Jordan Henderson and Raheem Sterling

National service is compulsory in Estonia and while professional athletes don't have to serve the standard eight months, they do have to serve three month crash course.

Estonian coach Pehrsson, according to ESPN, even had to file a request to the Estonian Defense Force for Pikk to be released for the match.

"The match was tough for me because I am not able to train on a football pitch on a daily basis at the moment," Pikk said after the game.

"I'll have to be back at the barracks by midnight and the wake-up call is at 6 am. in the morning."

England captain claimed victory for England after bending in a free kick on 73 minutes. Estonia were reduced to ten men on 48 minutes after having Klavan sent off.

Elsewhere, Lithuania suffered defeat to Slovenia on Sunday night after losing 2-0 in Vilnius. Latvia faces Turkey in Riga tonight.

England captain Wayne Rooney in action on Sunday night in Tallinn (photo: AFP)