’I was completely brainwashed’ says ex KGB spy in revealing interview

  • 2014-09-09
  • From wire reports, RIGA

Former KGB headquarters in Riga, Latvia (photo: LETA)

A former KGB double agent has revealed secrets about his work as an undercover agent in Latvia during Soviet rule in the country.

In a revealing interview, Boris Karpichkov, 55, admits he was 'completely brainwashed' by the KGB whilst serving as a major with the infamous secret agency.

"I thought communism was the bright future for the entire world. At first I fancied myself as James Bond. But then I realized what the KGB was really about - blackmail and persecution," Karpichkov told British magazine Sunday People.

Karpichkov worked for the third department of the KGB, specializing in counter-espionage. The agent spied for Russia and also provided information about Russia to Latvia, France, and the United States.

But Karpichkov later had to flee Latvia for Great Britain after he was discovered for being a double agent. On arriving in the U.K., Karpichkov hoped he would received a reward for leaking sensitive information about Russia to British authorities. He was wrong. 

Now in Latvia, Karpichkov is facing charges for misappropriation of large-scale property, counterfeiting of documents and the illegal possession of weapons.

He is also charged for misappropriation of 232,000 U.S. dollars issued by the former Olimpija Bank as a loan to Kompanija Alda, owned by Vladimir Leskov of the Pardaugava Group.

Karpichkov remained on the wanted list since 1996, when he fled from his house arrest. In 1999, he was arrested in London, however, the British authorities refused to deliver him to Latvia.