Estonia supports tougher sanctions against Russia amid Ukraine conflict

  • 2014-08-29
  • From wire reports, TALLINN

(photo: twitter)

Estonia says it supports more sanctions against Russia amid the Ukraine crisis.

Ukraine officials said Russia had sent troops and tanks to the east of the country on Thursday. Russia has denied its troops are fighting alongside pro Russia rebels in the east of the country.

Estonia's Defense Minister Sven Mikser said Russia’s military aggression should be punished with tougher sanctions as it was waging an 'undeclared war' against Ukraine.

“Russia has sent tanks, combat machines, armed transporters, cannons, missile systems and other military equipment to Ukraine. Tactical-level control centre of Russian troops is operating in the Novoazovsk Region on the territory of Ukraine,” said Mikser.

Meanwhile, Estonia's Presdient Toomas Hendrik Ilves called on Western forces to act more decisively in order to inervene and defend the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine.

“Armed forces of the Russian Federation are attacking Ukraine. This is an act of military aggression that should leave no question about the disparity between Russia’s words and actions,” stated the President.

Ilves added that it is impossible to speak seriously about  cease-fire negotiations called for by Russia if one country has de facto taken its armed forces without authorisation to the territory of another country while refusing to officially acknowledge being party to the conflict.

“Russia has been destabilising Ukraine for too long. By now, terrorists acting in Eastern Ukraine have received added reinforcements in the form of Russian military forces that can clearly be recognised. This is undeclared war,” said Ilves a statement

Russia has denied it's forces are fighting alongside pro Russia rebels in eastern Ukraine.

Russian ambassador the Ukraine Vitaly Churkin told ambassadors at a UN emergency meeting on Thursday the bloodshed was the fault of the Kiev government.

“The current escalation of situation in southeastern Ukraine is a direct consequence of Kiev’s wrongful policy to wage a war against own people,” he said, cited RIA Novosti. 

(Edited by Rayyan Sabet-Parry)