Estonia plans to create digital only embassies

  • 2014-08-27
  • From wire reports, TALLINN

The British embassy in Tallinn (photo: twitter)

Estonia could become one of the first countries to create digital embassies in an effort to cut costs and space.

The digital embassies could replace physical embassies in an effort to free up space and go digital.

Taavi Kotka, Deputy Secretary General of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications in Estonia said data embassies could help secure the digital continuity of the state and its work in potential crisis situations, such as cyber attacks or occupations.

Some Estonian embassies already have servers that maintain copies of data and registers of national importance.

Estonia will rent space in server parks with high security standards located in countries that are friendly towards Estonia. The new plans were confirmed on Tuesday by government officials.

In the course of creating a national cyber defense strategy, a plan was developed to double a certain amount of data and services necessary for a state to work in the servers in countries that are in friendly relations with Estonia.

The fact that these servers require rooms complying with specific standards from embassies that are already having space problems was one of the reasons leading to the new plan, public broadcasting reports.