’Force is only language understood by Putin regime’ says minister

  • 2014-08-01
  • From wire reports, TALLINN

Russian President Vladimir Putin (pic: twitter)

Force is the only language understood by Russian President Vladimir Putin, Estonian defense minister Sven Mikser has told the BBC.

A UK parliament report issued Thursday said  NATO was ill-prepared for a situation where Russia would attack one of the Alliance's member states with unconventional methods. It said a Russian military attack on Baltic states whilst unlikely was 'significant'

UK MP's urged NATO to install permanent soldiers and military equipment to the  Baltic states amid the Ukraine crisis.

Speaking to the BBC, Mikser said the Baltics should boost their defense plans amid the crisis in the Ukraine. 

"I agree with most of the recommendations that the British MPs proposed. In fact, these recommendations reflect a lot of what I told your delegation when they visited Tallinn," Mikser said.

He added: "We have invested considerably in our defense capability and security for years, as well as invested in strengthening alliance relations both in Europe and across the Atlantic."

The minister further added that there is no denying that Russian military forces are showing more interest in the region. Estonians remain calm despite the tension, he added. 

Mikser stressed that NATO is collectively still a significantly more capable military organization, but the Putin regime believes that they have a few advantages.

"They have practiced rapid response at their exercises. Putin can basically run  troops from his home. Strength is the language understood by the Putin regime."