African swine fever could spread to Poland, warn experts

  • 2014-07-25
  • From wire reports, VILNIUS

The recent outbreak of the deadly African swine fever on one of Lithuania's largest pig farms could spread to Poland, news portal reports.

 Lithuanian Food and Veterinary Service said the farm where the outbreak occured had been supplying live pigs to Poland and elsewhere in the country,

"Pigs from this complex were transported to slaughterhouses in Poland and Lithuania. The meat is currently being checked, it has been withdrawn from trade," the Lithuanian State Food and Veterinary Service's head Jonas Milius said.

According to Milius, about 400 pigs at the complex died in a matter of hours on Thursday.

The Latvian Food and Veterinary Service has halted the import of several pork products from Lithuania, including fresh pork meat, frozen pork, as well as various pork product - sausages, ground pork, packaged pork etc.

The confirmation of African swine fever in Lithuania has raised great public concern as the Idavang complex was considered an exemplary site in terms of bio-safety. There is a double fence around the complex, and no vehicles are allowed to enter. Piglets are fed through special tubes, while employees use the services of a local cafeteria which transports food to the complex.

Milius believes it is possible that African swine fever was brought into the complex by food suppliers. The case will be investigated by the Prosecutor's Office.

African swine fever can cause mass death rates in pigs but is generally harmless to humans.