Largest dairy farm in Baltics opens in Estonia

  • 2014-07-17
  • From wire reports, TALLINN

The largest dairy farm in the Baltics has opened in Estonia this week, public broadcasting reports. 

The Lõõla dairy farm of Väätsa Agro accommodates 2,200 milking cows

The innovative complex of barns includes a barn for cows with special needs, facilities for recycling dung and even its own mobile phone tower. The complex is heated by heating energy accumulated from milk.

Väätsa Agro animal raising manager Pille Palumaa said that the new complex creates all the conditions to maintain good health of the cows.

"They have a lot of space, air, light, water. They have freedom. I think it's the most important thing for a cow," said Palumaa.

Väätsa Agro manager Margus Muld said that the farm only uses the most modern technologies. "There is a 80-seat carousel, with a capacity of milking 400 to 450 cows per hour. Only four people do it. 

Muld added that further investment decisions of Väätsa Agro depend on the impact of (partial) abolition of agricultural subsidies and milk quotas but in a couple of years' time, another milking cows barn for a thousand cows should be completed. Then Lõõla farm will be the biggest in Europe.