Maxima to build 30 million euro logistics center, creating 350 jobs

  • 2014-07-16
  • From wire reports, TALLINN

Retail chain Maxima will build one of Estonia's largest logistics center's, creating 350 jobs.

The new 45,000-square meter center will be located in Rae Parish in Harju County, Public Broadcasting reports.

Construction work began this week whilst a completion date has been scheduled for December 2015.

The aim of construction of the logistics center is to create a central warehouse complex, which would allow servicing all stores of Maxima across Estonia. The center has total area, together with warehouse and office space, of approximately 45,000 square meters, making it one of the largest logistics center's built in one phase in Estonia. The cost of building the center is almost 30 million euros.

Maxima Eesti OÜ Executive Director Vaidotas Pacesa said the construction of the logistics center would also benefit other infrastructure nearby.

He said: "We felt at every step, that we are welcome in the Rae municipality and the parish is interested in the development of entrepreneurship and job creation. While with the construction of the logistics center, we directly invest EUR 1 million in roads, utility networks and other infrastructure objects and create in Rae parish 350 new jobs, in the framework of the same cooperation, we also took the commitment to support several of the parish's social projects," said Pacesa.

Maxima is the largest retail group in the Baltic States and has a total 71 stores in Estonia. The company provides work for a total of 4,000 people in Estonia.