Estonia ranks fifth in world for drug deaths, says UN

  • 2014-07-15
  • From wire reports, TALLINN

Estonia ranks fifth in the world for drug related deaths, the United Nations reports.

According to the UN World Drug report, 142 people per one million residents die of a drug-related deaths every year in Estonia, Postimees Online reports.

The data on Estonia dates back to the year 2011. The top five include also El Salvador, USA, Iceland and Scotland.

Estonian interior ministry law enforcement and criminal policy department head Uku Särekanno told Postimees Online y that despite the recommendations of experts to change drug policies, Estonia does not intend to make changes in this sphere yet.

The drug prevention policy of the Estonian government is based on the white book of policies aimed at reducing drug use that was approved this year. The policy requires equal attention to be paid to reducing supply and demand, prevention activities and easing damages caused by addiction. No changes in punitive practices are planned at the moment.