Latvia MEP says ’no one listens’ to British PM Cameron

  • 2014-07-07
  • From wire reports, RIGA

European Parliament deputy Krisjanis Karins

British Prime Minister does not cooperate and should not be surprised why 'no one listens to him' in the European Parliament,  Krisjanis Karins MEP has said.

The Latvian MEP believes that if David Cameron continued cooperating with the European People's Party, former Prime Minister of Luxembourg Jean-Claude Juncker would not have become  European Commission president.

"Cameron withdrew from the ruling party five years ago. He used to be part of our center-right party group, but now he is surprised why nobody listens to him," Karins said.

"Politics is about cooperation. By definition, one must be able to cooperate with others, regardless of the fact that there is always the possibility to say ‘No, I will not cooperate. I will go my own way.’ However, we must understand the consequences as they are, and as we can see, they are quite brutal. I must say that Cameron's opinion was interesting, but only as long as he cooperated." 

"If Cameron had remained in the center-right faction, I am sure that Juncker would not have become our candidate for the European Commission president."

Karins believes that Great Britain would lose its influence in the European Union if it seceded from the European Union.

"Currently, the United States is actively cooperating with Great Britain. Why? Because Great Britain is part of the great European Union. By withdrawing from the European Union, Great Britain would lose its influence in the United States as well."