Millionaire’s club: Lithuania’s richest people revealed

  • 2014-07-04
  • From wire reports, VILNIUS

(from l to r/ top down) Nerijus Numavičius, Lyda Lubienė, Darius Mockus and Žilvinas Marcinkevičius (photo:

The richest man in Lithuania has been revealed.

Nerijus Numavicius, the largest shareholder of the Vilniaus Prekyba Group claims the number one spot with 1.2 billion euros to his name.

The second richest person in Lithuania is Zilvinas Marcinkevicius, another shareholder of the Vilniaus Prekyba Group, with 337 million euros.

Millionaire Mindaugas Raila, who owns transport, logistics and storage business ME Investicija,a company worth 278 million euros.

The top 20 list of the richest people in Lithuania was compiled by the IQ magazine.

The list of the richest persons is made based on data stored in the Register Centre and foreign register centres about shareholders of companies.

Others include:

The fourth in the list is the brother of the richest person in Lithuania - Vladas Numavicius with  235 million euros The fifth richest person in Lithuania is Darius Mockus, the owner of  MG Baltic, who has a net worth of million 227 million euros The richest woman in Lithuania is Lyda Lubiene, the widow of Bronislovas Lubys. Lubiene inherited a major stake in Achema Group giving her a net worth of 219 million  euros and is ranked sixth in the list.