Estonia set to lower voting age under new plans

  • 2014-07-01
  • From wire reports, TALLINN

Estonia is set to lower the voting age to 16 years old under new plans.

In the beginning of the extraordinary Riigikogu sitting, 41 MPs proposed a Constitutional amendment that would allow young people vote at local government elections from the age of 16, writes Postimees Online.

Lowering of the voting age requires changing two articles of the Constitution, and they are likely to have to be approved by the two consecutive Riigikogu compositions.

Lowering the active voting age would have a direct impact of approximately 24,000 young persons aged 16 and 17, who would get the right to vote at future local government elections.

The earliest elections such a change might affect would be the local government elections in 2017. The current voting age in Estonia is 18 years old.