Estonia to open exclusive bird ’hotel’

  • 2014-06-16
  • From wire reports, TALLINN

Estonia is set to open one of Europe's first bird 'hotels'

Bird owners looking for a vacation can drop off their pets off at the center overnight in Konuvere. A bird veterinarian will be on site to look after the animals.

Katarina Bright, an Estonian Animal Protection Society bird specialist who will run the center alongside her husband said:

"The people also asked about the service of a bird hotel – there are hotels for dogs and cats in Estonia but where could they leave their birds during trips."

A total of of 28,000 euros of state funding has gone in to the project whilst the center is set to open in a few months  Äripäev Online reports.

Bright believes the center will be the first parrot center of its kind in the Baltic states whilst the closest of its kind is located in Germany. She said that the hotel will accommodate 100 birds whilst there is already a waiting list.